Rising Italy for Social Europe: on the way to Frankfurt

From 16th to 19th May, deutsch movements launched a transnational mobilization in Frankfurt with the aim to block activities and flows of the financial capital of Europe. In Italy, we have decided to join and take part to the organization of these days. In fact, we believe it is a necessary step in order to build up a european movement that, starting from territorial struggles, specific and singular istances, is able to organize collective mobilizations against the international financial governance.

Everywhere we are witnessing to a depletion of national parliaments’ power, through direct or indirect ECB compulsory administration: in our country, the establishment of Monti government is a paradigmatic example. The diktat imposed by Central Bank goes in one direction: austerity, progressive abolition of labor rights, restriction of democratic spaces, wild privatization and expropriation of the commons.

While investors, brokers and managers do not pay for the disasters they have generated, Fiscal Compact is imposed: a devastating treaty that requires single Nation- states a balanced budget and represents a sentence for society to impoverishment. The outright rejection of this disgraceful measure is certainly one of the reason to besiege ECB and block Frankfurt, the capital of finance,  it is a necessary and urgent action for european movements.

We believe it is not a coincidence that this call comes from the deutsch movements during the very month of May, marking the emergence of what we call the Global May of conflicts: a multiplicity of local and transnational mobilization will follow MayDay, Frankfurt will be the culmination of this intense month of global struggle.

We have created a campaign called “R.I.S.E. UP”, Rising Italy for Social Europe: Frankfurt is not only an event but a process of construction and political mobilization, it is not only a European appointment, but a tension living in the everyday conflicts that animate our territories. R.I.S.E. UP is the attempt to link student networks, collectives of precarious, social centres, art workers and unions to go to Frankfurt together: despite the differences that characterize us, we have commonly found in Europe a space of conflict, in movements a political practice of democracy and  a new horizon emerging inside the economic and political crisis.

We have constructed a simple logo and a blog, to weave a common thread within several initiatives that we are creating towards Frankfurt. Outside of identitarian subjectivity, it seems useful to connect the political work that each of us is doing in Italy as a broad and diversified contribution to the european mobilization.

We will be in Frankfurt from May 16th to 19th, and we hope that many others will join us to reclaim a Europe of democracy against Europe of austerity; the Europe of a new universalist welfare and income against the Europe of lowering of wages and abolition of rights; the Europe of common against the expropriation and privatization!


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